AKVA Jewellery want to change how consumers perceive the jewellery industry. We believe in sustainable materials and a conscious consumer behavior. Our designs are timeless and made in sustainable sterling silver which lasts for generations (read more about our supplier here: https://www.c-hafner.de/en/company/responsibility.html). 

 We are an increasing number of people who stand together in the fight against the worldwide problem plastic pollution. How do we fight this? We believe that the answer is found in the way we think about plastic consumption. We all need to make small changes in our everyday life and we will provide you with information on how to do so through our different platforms – both online and when buying our jewellery. Visit I CARE to read more.  

By wearing our jewellery, you become a part of the revolution and part of a caring culture aiming for a world without plastic pollution.

 Together – let us make it cool to care.