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How to Consume Plastic Responsibly? AKVA Jewellery Has the Answers

Plastic is a bitch, and we all know it. Yet it’s everywhere and posing a real threat to our oceans, and in that – to life itself. New Danish brand AKVA Jewellery is trying to do something about it, simply by inspiring their customers to change their plastic consumption habits.
AKVA Jewellery was founded by four Danish jewelry students – Tascha Nielsen, Sophie Egelund, Olivia Bohl and Cecilie Flye – while attending Copenhagen School of Design and Technology. In the spring of 2018, the four joined together in an entrepreneurial project that became something of a success, even outside of school. Being inspired by UN’s ‘Goal 14: Life below water’, the group made it the main purpose of their all-silver jewelry collection to fight the plastic pollution problem. Here’s how it’s done.
Tell us more about the motives behind AKVA Jewellery.

– Together, we share a true passion for our oceans and for creating high-quality jewelry that inspires people to be aware of the beauty of our planet, and what we’re actually about to lose if we don’t start acting differently.

– However, a worldwide problem of this magnitude can seem overwhelming to the individual, as one can easily feel inadequate; not knowing where to start or how to help. This particular feeling was the starting point for AKVA Jewellery, and our approach is to make change seem possible. This, we believe, is done by influencing people to change their mindset when it comes to plastic consumption – to actively refuse, reduce and recycle.
What are some of your best advice on responsible plastic consumption?

– We want to make it simple: Together with our jewelry you get a little folder with tips on how to reduce your personal plastic use. More than that you will soon be able to read updates on the plastic pollution problem on our webpage, which will also be announced and linked from our Instagram.

– One of our best advices must be to bring your own shopping bag. If you bike around, as we do a lot in Copenhagen, you can put it under your saddle to be sure you always have it with you. Always bring your own drinking bottle – there are so many cool ones now – as in our part of the world, you can get clean water from taps everywhere. Also, say no to straws and plastic lids for your takeaway coffee. In the bathroom, you can get yourself a bamboo toothbrush, and replace your plastic swabs with ones made of wood.




Is the ocean your inspiration aesthetically as well?

– You’re right, the ocean is our biggest source of inspiration. We’re all enchanted by the overwhelming beauty of it; the curves, the light, the colors, the silence, the peace, the roughness, and its unpredictable ways. Our jewelry is especially inspired by two water-living things: the sea lettuce and the puka shell. The curves of the sea lettuce contrasts the shiny surface and round shape of the puka shell, and together they tell the story of the diversity and unity of the ocean.
How do you source your silver, and have you considered working with for example recycled metals?

– We have talked a lot about working with recycled materials. Historically, silver in itself is quite sustainable, as the silver industry has always recycled. It’s a metal that can be remelted over and over, and the wear-off effect is minimal compared to other metals. The problem is getting it out of the ground though, and while silver is mainly a bi-product of industrial mining, about 30% of the silver on the market comes from silver mines.

– As we are a new brand, we have focused on what is possible with our current economy, but in the future we definitely want to find suppliers that provide recycled silver. Today, our casting company is placed in Germany, which at least generates less CO2 emissions and secures that our jewelry is made under good conditions.
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