Spuma Wedding Band


Spuma Wedding Band is made in 14K recycled solid gold. The width of the ring varies from 5mm to 7mm due to the organic shape.

When placing your order, this piece will be made especially for you. Therefore, the delivery time is up to six weeks.

We recommend you to make an appointment to let us guide you to pick the perfect ring for your special day. You are also welcome to contact us if you have any special requests.

Book an appointment via ‘appointment’ at the front page.

Spuma Wedding Band is the newest addition to our wedding band selection. The inspiration for this ring is the same source as the Consilium Collection – the Spuma styles that reminds us of the lively foam created when the waves hit the shore. The Spuma Wedding band is created to be paired with the Spuma ring of the Consilium Collection or it can stand alone in its characteristic fluid and soft shape.  

With the right care and proper maintenance your jewellery will last a lifetime. All AKVA Jewellery is made in precious metals, either 925 recycled sterling silver or 14 karat recycled solid gold. Bare in mind that precious metals are soft and can not handle hard knocks, therefore avoid hitting your jewellery against hard surfaces. Do not wear your jewellery when in contact with household chemicals and take off your jewellery when doing sports or rough manual work. Delicate necklaces, bracelets and rings must be handled with care.

Keep your jewellery looking its best with simple maintenance. An easy and effective way to clean your solid gold, sterling silver and diamond jewellery, is to use a toothbrush, warm water and mild soap. Make a soap water bath and place your jewellery in the bath. Use a toothbrush to remove any dirt from the jewellery. In clean water, rinse your jewellery thoroughly and dry your jewellery gently with a cloth.

To maintain the silver lust and bright surface of you silver jewellery, polish them with a polish cloth. Silver will over time oxidize when exposed to air. For heavier oxidation do not hesitate to contact AKVA Jewellery and we will advise you further.


You are always welcome to visit us in our showroom in Copenhagen to see and try on our existing collections or for any bespoke inquiry within the AKVA universe.